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What is Jet Proof Templates?

Jet Proof Templates is software that lets you order custom print solutions on line. You can order stock items, or variable data items using the custom designed Templates or Products. In just a few moments you’ll see a proof on line that you can approve or re-edit.

What are the advantages to a traditional proofing process?

Since the entire process is handled through your web browser you do not have to worry about opening attachments or recieving large emails. This not only speeds up the process but also helps with accuracy in the proofing process.

Steps to Place an Order

  1. Click 'EASY ORDER Your Items' and choose a product/template from one of your existing Custom Designs or one of JPT Designs(Coming Soon). Click 'SELECT' to create a proof for this item.
  2. Enter in customized data(Name, Phone, Email etc.) if this applies and then click 'PROOF' to generate a proof.
  3. Click 'APPROVE PROOF & Add More Items' to approve the proof(if you plan on having multiple items in the order) or click 'ORDER THIS Single Item' to approve and order the item immediately.
  4. You can also click 'DELETE PROOF I Do Not Want' to delete proofs on this screen and click '.
  5. If ordering multiple items then click 'SHOW ME ALL Approved Items' to go to the 'ORDER STATUS' page and click 'ORDER ALL Selected Proofs' after selecting the proofs you wish to order.
  6. Login to the system and check the 'ORDER STATUS' page to see updates on the order status ('Submitted','Printing','Completed') and to see shipping info such as Tracking Numbers once the order is completed.

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PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Prices shown are based on the last time we printed your product.
Should the price differ from what is shown we will contact you before going into production.
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